I am working today, Sunday. Working on Sunday is something I truly loathe. This sentiment is not necessarily religious or spiritual but I do believe that rest is extremely important. I am speaking of completely unplugging from anything tedious. For me this list includes almost anything done on a screen, computer, smart phone, etc. I typically have my teenage sons turn off the screens too. A bit like herding cats.

This is a day where I choose to put down the transistorized tormentor and just be. Sometimes l lay in the hammock. Sometimes I have an adventure. Something like canoeing or even a walk. Sometimes I do a little “work” like rake the yard. What a glorious task to complete.

I read a study were Americans get more work done than any other nation. Im sure we do. We carry our work with us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. I have a close connection to Germany. It has been my experience that Germans, when at work are focused on work. When they are on vacation, they are focused on vacation. I’m learning.

Turn off the screen. Go outside. There is more…